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My animals represent strong values

I Love You so Much, 40 x 60 in, $6,800, go to store to see more and/or inquire about it.

My animal paintings depict animals with strong personalities, from roosters, to peacocks, owls, turtles, giraffes, lions, pangolines, bears, and many more.

I love animals and am deeply interested in the symbolism of each animal. The elephant, for instance, is a symbol for intelligence, while the owl represents wisdom! I started my animal series a few years ago with the rooster as he is the mascot for her country of origin: France.

Ready for the Party, 50 x 40 in, $4,800, go to store

A few years ago I found myself amused by the fact that the mascot for France is the rooster, a supposedly very proud animal. However, I soon discovered that other cultures cherish the rooster in particular as well, assigning him their own special meanings. In China, for instance, the rooster bears the five attributes of a good spouse: responsibility, courage, fidelity, kindness and confidence.

Cloud 9, 36 x 48 in, $3,900, go to store

Next, I decided to represent peacocks, first, for their beauty, but also because I discovered that they are the only animals who are capable of eating a poisonous plant. Not only that, but they still manage to grow superb, gaudy feathers that others admire all around the globe. I thought that this carried an important message to all of us: sometimes we have to swallow poisonous circumstances, and go through challenges. But still, we carry on. It is our choice to maintain a beautiful life.

When Life is Magical, 30 x 48 in, $3,900, go to store

I also painted several owls for their symbol of wisdom, paying close attention in particular to their wide, piercing eyes. There are so many owls with various forms of plumage, but they all seem to stare at me and understand my thoughts. They're a symbol for wisdom.

The Evening Kiss, 72 x 24 in, $4,200, go to store

You can still discover more animals on my website: endangered species (pangolines, panda bears, giraffes) and submarine animals, etc

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