Bay Area artist Flo de Bretagne 


             "I grew up being a good student wanting to have a 'serious job.' However, once I was done with my studies, a double major in business and tax law, a health crisis made me realize that I could no longer put aside what I truly loved: bringing hope to other people through art. I went back to more studies but this time at the National School of Decorative Arts, in the center of Paris.

             If you have bare and dreary walls, I can help you bring a new happy feel to your home sweet home. It's often surprising how much impact an uplifting and bright painting can have on a whole family. Through art, I want to offer a sense of peace and joy." - Flo

               Flo's paintings were exhibited at the De Young Museum in San Francisco, at the SFMOMA artists gallery in San Francisco, at the Los Gatos Museum in Los Gatos, and at the Triton Museum in Santa Clara.

               Between 2010 and 2020 she created more than 100 murals mostly at low-income schools in the San Francisco Bay Area.

                Flo is an artist who wants to build community, inspire joy, highlight beauty in the world, and lift up people with her artworks.

                She explains more about her creative process and her inspiration, in her blog here.

Flo de bretagne is painting ona small artwork representing colorful seeds and flowers.