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Murals for Community and Personal Spaces

Map of all the murals painted by Flo de Bretagne in the San Francisco Bay Area

Between 2010 and 2020, I painted over 100 murals throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, and even in France! My murals are inspired by the short novella from Jean Giono: "The Man who Planted Trees." Giono describes a man who planted one tree at a time in a deserted area. Soon enough a beautiful forest grew and life returned. This story taught me how just one person can impact the world around them by doing a simple thing every day with consistency and determination. I decided to do the same with murals at local schools to replace the dull, prison-like walls of a bare, undecorated school with something positive. In a place where stress can be contagious, what could be better than uplifting colors to brighten up the days of teachers and students alike? I found that transforming the school walls into vibrant works of art, portraying messages of hope or core values was extremely rewarding. Students are excited to contribute to their own community, especially one that they spend countless hours a day in. I hear many testimonies from people whose lives have been profoundly impacted by the new murals. Often, I return to a school or office multiple times to paint new murals in different areas.

In the summer of 2019, I was commissioned to paint a mural at a French castle. I loved the idea of bringing a modern touch to an antique building! A group of kids were a crucial part of the project, each one of them designing a butterfly to be transferred onto the wall. Like this, I have found many ways to involve children within my mural projects. I welcome them to be a part of the design team, and many will propose sketches. Another opportunity for involvement is in painting the first steps: the background and first coat of the design. I also have corporate teams who come and join me for a fun team-building event. These mural projects are always a great way to build community on many levels, and that's why I LOVE organizing them.

             "Flo has painted more than 100 murals, mostly at schools, but also in offices, private homes and even French castles. From Oak Knoll School in Menlo Park, to Cesar Chavez in East Palo Alto and many more, Flo puts all of her energy into painting murals that evoke joy through bright colors."

To learn more about the impact of a mural on a community,

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