Flower Paintings

"My Seeds series depicts imaginary seeds that will blossom.

They speak of the fruitfulness of life. This series is my signature work " - Flo

The Somersault of my Thoughts
Triptych, 36 x 72 in
Voyage au Pays des Macarons
36 x 60 in
Bed of Roses
30 x 30 in
Les Doudous
30 x 30 in
The First Apricots
16 x 16 in
le jardin de ma grand-mere
30 x 30 in
A Harvest of Hope and Love
Diptych, 40 x 60 in
Cotton Balls Symphony
18 x 24 in
Le Jardin aux Abricots
30 x 30 in
Blowing Bubbles
16 x 16 in
Je Serai Forte
36 x 36 in
Seeds of Light
16 x 16 in
Turquoise Seeds
16 x 16 in
Blooming Seeds
60 x 72 in
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Bubbles or Seeds?

           In her series "Seeds," Flo de Bretagne depicts decorated bubbles which represent imaginary flowers. They are beautiful gardens filled with fruitful plants that will never cease to grow and blossom.

           "This very series is my signature work, speaking about the fruitfulness of life. I am a strong believer that there is a silver lining in most situations. There can almost always be some fruits" - Flo

A square painting with soft dandelions is hanging ona white wall next to a yellow couch with hanging lamps
A large painting of colorful flowers is hanging ona dark blue wall above a light blue sofa with two hanging lamps on each side.

               "I am obsessed with circles. The rounded shape looks soft, tender and reassuring to me. It lacks the aggressiveness of the sharp angles of a square, a rectangle or a triangle. Instead the circle is harmonious and reminds me of the sun, the moon, or soapy bubbles of happiness. The sun immediately brings me images of life and blossom, spring and summer. A full moon suggests a romantic night with a magical light in the dark, a special time with someone I love." - Flo

               "My bubble paintings are filled with hundreds of patterns or seeds, each one of them bringing new life. Each painting has its own title and story. I give a lot of attention to the choice of the title as I believe this is one more layer of reading. Some of the titles are "Time Travel", "A Romantic Song", "The Dandelion", "My Grandmother's Garden", and so on. "Time Travel" for instance represents a trip throughout my thoughts. The past still exists, it affords more depth and more beauty to the present." - Flo

6 little square paintings representing flowers are hanging together above a very large white sofa next to a high window

The Artistic Process

               "I don't make any sketches and don't have a defined idea of the finished painting or the composition. I start with a plain background color. I paint a few colorful circles and add patterns into the circles. Then I add several more layers of circles and patterns. Some partially cover the previous circles, allowing me to play with transparencies. I sometimes change the background color in some areas. I keep adding, modifying, decorating, both the circles and patterns, a few stems here and there to show that these bubbles are actually plants. I use various brushes to paint the patterns. Some of my torn and old brushes make interesting patterns while other newer and smaller brushes allow for defined, tiny patterns. Sometimes I hide a few secret smiles for the viewer to discover. Only when I have created a balanced composition do I consider it complete. I would like to think that the viewer can be mesmerized by the bounty and richness of these gardens and their mind and spirit will be uplifted." - Flo

a square painting with red flowers in full bloom is hanging on a neutral wall behind a brown sofa and two wooden chairs

              Flo has been working on "Seeds" for the past 20 years. She was first inspired by French tapestries created by Dom Robert. Flo's Seed paintings have won several awards and recognitions: "Bubbles of Light" was awarded first place in an art competition organized by "Caring with Colors," an organization focused on assisting patients with cancer. Similarly several of her "Seeds" have been placed in health facilities, and several others have been purchased by art collectors to celebrate big milestones: such as a birthday or that special bundle of joy whose parents waited so long for their arrival.

A triptych painting representing hawaiian flowers is hanging on a dark grey wall behind white bistro chairs and a wooden kitchen table
Artist Flo de Bretagne is painting on a small canvas. Her painting represents yellow and green flowers and bubbles

Commissioned Paintings

            Flo's Seed paintings range from very small (10 x 20 in) to large (60 x 72 in). She can also create a new iteration for your home based on of your preference of size, colors, and whatever else you want to include.

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