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Seeds Series

Seeds of Inspiration

My Seeds series was born after I saw an exhibition 30 years ago of tapestries from artist Dom Robert, a Benedictine monk who became one of the masters of contemporary tapestry. His tapestries depict playful animals immersed in lush grasses and flowers. 


Inspired by this vibrant liveliness, I created my signature work, marked by bubbles, intense colors, and rhythmic patterns. Each painting represents a bountiful garden with seeds that will blossom and become beautiful flowers or fruits. They are seeds of hope, seeds of light, seeds of tomorrow. It is up to the beholder’s mind to imagine what they might become. My Seeds have traveled from personal homes to health facilities and school walls, sowing joy wherever they go. 

Why bubbles? 


Bubbles are reassuring to me. At times, life seems filled with sharpness, aggression, pain. But bubbles are soft and provide an enveloping sense of comfort and protection. They create the space for nurturing growth. In a world full of darkness, the circle is the shape of the sun and moon, bringing light. For centuries, circles have also symbolized Heaven or the infinite.


The Purpose of Intense Colors


Intense colors reflect the depth of human emotion. The seeds seem to burst out of the canvas – it’s an explosion of life, a constant outpouring. Each color has countless meanings, but here are a few themes: red for energy, blue for peace, green for hope, yellow for light, purple for majesty, white for rest. My whole series aims to bring forth life at its fullest, to bring hope for new beginnings each day. 


The Music of Repetition


The repetition of circles and patterns creates a musicality to my work – a rhythm that builds into a dance. I see patterns as a way of life: the same things often happen again and again, but every time there are slight variations that bring new flavor. Learning to appreciate the surprises in the details is what makes life ever-new and exciting. Patterns can both surprise with their originality and reassure with their steadfastness, helping to calm and focus the mind.


How about you, what do you see?


I have given you some keys to decode my Seeds paintings which are saturated with bubbles, colors, and patterns, but these are just a few of the countless ways to enter into my vibrant world. What I love best is to hear how my paintings speak in a unique way to each person. 

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