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I accept commissions on a regular basis. You can take a look at my existing paintings and let me know if there is a specific style you enjoy, and then what size and colors you are looking for. I can also paint your favorite landscape, pet, or whatever you have in mind. For pets, it can be a dog, a cat, a guinea pig or even a horse! Out of the pictures you send, I will pick the one that will make the best painting and ask you about your favorite colors, your pet's personality, and toys or habits. After a few months, you will have the perfect gift for your loved one(s) that they will treasure forever. I can work around a given date if you are looking to give the painting as a gift on a special day. 

I would love to hear about your idea! 
Email me at

"Como Lake", 30"x 72", 2021

In the midst of the pandemic, a couple living in the Bay Area who couldn't travel to their secondary home anymore, had seen a triptych I had created that represented a landscape in Provence. But it sold just when they wanted to purchase it. I suggested that I create another triptych depicting Como Lake where their secondary home is.

A client living on the San Mateo hills asked me to create a landscape inspired by their backyard view. They had goat sculptures in their backyard, hence the few little goats on the grass. 

"San Mateo Hills", 36"x 48", 2019

gracie2 (1).jpg

"Gracie", 16"x 16", 2017

My clients asked me to make a portrait of Mother Teresa depicting a joyful person holding their two children in her arms.

Mother Teresa, 30"x 48", 2022

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