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Artist Statement

Born and raised in Paris, France, I double majored in business and tax law at two prestigious universities: ESCP Europe and ASSAS. But a health crisis gave my life a new turn as I realized that health facilities only increased patients’ apprehension. Returning to my childhood love of painting, I wanted to use my passion to bring joy and hope to others, whether in hospitals, schools, or homes. I then spent four years at the National School for Decorative Arts in Paris, where I studied painting, photography, engraving, and mosaics. 

My inspiration first stemmed from my childhood home, which was filled with color from top to bottom in each room – patterned wallpapers of jungles, ceilings with painted clouds, comical animal trinkets, and vibrant rugs. I was also drawn by Henri Rousseau’s paintings and Dom Robert’s tapestries, which often depict wild animals in lush gardens. As I lived in a Parisian apartment at the time, painting whimsical landscapes, magnificent creatures, and seeds bursting with life was a way of imagining places of rejuvenation. The wallpapers of my childhood became reality when I moved to California in 2005 and began drawing constant inspiration from the golden state’s extraordinary trees, colorful butterflies, and varied native plants.

For the past 20+ years of my artistic career, I have developed my signature Seeds series that illustrates the fruitfulness of life. My poetic landscapes depict imaginary and heavenly worlds while my powerful animals invite viewers to see themselves in the paintings. To find out more about the layers of meaning behind these series, you can visit each page: Seeds, Superb Animals, Mosaic Landscapes.

Along with selling paintings to private collections across the United States, Europe, and Asia, my work has been sold to hospitals and exhibited in galleries and museums such as the De Young Museum, Triton Museum, and Los Gatos Museum. I have also painted over 100 murals in schools across the San Francisco Bay Area.


Charlotte, 16"x 16", acrylic/canvas, 2022 


Amelia, 16"x 16", acrylic/canvas, 2022 

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