Landscape Paintings

"I represent the atmosphere and emotions associated with a landscape.

My paintings are compilations of moments and places." - Flo

Paris, éternelle
30 x 30 in
My special place
24 x 36 in
The Moon's Lullaby
78 x 36 in
Collines de Provence
Triptych, 36 x 72 in,
Journey Through the Forest
30 x 30 in
Tropical Garden
40 x 60 in
Éternité Bleue
36 x 24 in
La Ballade des Papillons
18 x 36 in
Ma Maison
30 x 30 in
My Countryside
51 x 51 in
In my Dreams
30 x 30 in
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New Mexico, Vietnam, Paris, Provence, or the Imaginary

             Whether Flo de Bretagne is working on an abstract landscape inspired by New Mexico or the French countryside, Flo always uses a colorful palette with layers of depth. Among the places that have most influenced her art are India, Mexico and New Mexico for their vibrant colors and artistry. Her French works find their roots in her childhood in France before moving to California in her early thirties. She returns to France regularly to search for new inspiration and showcase her work.

             In her imaginary French landscapes, Flo shares her personal vision of France with small fields and charming little homes. Instead of aiming to represent a particular site and limiting the image to that spot, she leaves it open to interpretation. Her work allows the viewer to let themselves travel into their dream location, to be transported into space and time, to go wherever their heart most deeply desires.

"Oh, the Places You'll Go!" -Dr. Seuss

             "Every time I travel, my eyes are searching for inspiration in the various cultures I learn about. I am always grateful to find treasures along the way: a street mural, a visit to a local museum, or simply the people's clothes like a beautiful yellow kaftan dress with numerous patterns. I keep all of these new elements in mind, until I am back in my studio where I can finally incorporate them into my current work." - Flo


             Flo de Bretagne is a storyteller through art. In her landscape series she shares her souvenirs and her vision of places. Sometimes, she chooses to combine several places to make her own unique landscape. Some of her landscape paintings are part of public collections and have been put in hospitals. 

a white bike and a large triptych painting are against a brick wall. The painting represents French Provence with tens of lavender bushes and sunflowers
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ALL IMAGES © Flo de Bretagne

Flo de Bretagne Contemporary Art, 756 Garland Dr Palo Alto, CA 94303