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Mosaic Landscapes

My Mosaic Landscapes series is an attempt to assemble images from my childhood. Born and raised in France, I grew up in Paris but spent a lot of time in Burgundy and the Alps. Now that I have been based in the US since 2005, whenever I return to France I still marvel at the patches of fields, the soft hills and majestic mountains, the old castles in the distance, or the small churches in the center of villages. Like images d’Epinal (idyllic illustrations rendered for children books in the 1800s), I collect scenes left imprinted in my memory and create new imaginary landscapes. I do not intend to depict a single place, but rather a mosaic of impressions in one idyllic panorama. One might recognize Tahoe’s stunning emerald lake, Tuscany’s picturesque hills, or the grandiose Swiss Alps all at once. More than representation, it’s about inviting viewers into an immersive experience that resonates personally with them, evoking memories as a form of time travel.

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