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"The series is about fruitfulness,” Flo explains. “It’s a metaphor for life. You plant seeds and they blossom into something magnificent. That’s particularly true in a school setting.” - Article by Linda Hubbart

“Murals can bring hope and joy to school communities that might not otherwise have the budget to fund such a project, she said. Students dealing with personal struggles often find solace in watching her paint and getting a permanent, colorful piece of art left at their school” - Angela Swartz

"Flo drafted a design for the school's stamp of approval, but when it comes to transferring her idea to the wall, she doesn't use a projector or grid. 'Freehand is prettier', she says. 'Nothing is perfect in nature.'" - Eva Barrows

• ESCP magazine, Paris, France, Sept-Oct 2018

How does Silicon Valley influence your work?

"I feel like having my own startup with many exciting projects to work on at the same time."

Interview with Flo for the 25th anniversary of the year 1993  

• Atherton Living, Nov 2016 

"Flo's inspiration finds its roots in her childhood in France: the family house had colorful wallpapers portraying wild animals in lush gardens. Her move to California brought a new layer to her artwork: the stunning Californian nature with extraordinary trees, colorful butterflies...

Bretagne paints with many layers which are metaphors for humanity. 'We all have rich personalities with many layers hidden below the topcoat you can see.'" - Interview with Melissa McKenzie

“The meanings are really spontaneous - it comes from my heart." - Interview with Dolores Fox Ciardelli

"When the ninth mural is finished, each child, literally, will have left his or her mark on the school, de Bretagne said." - Interview with Chris Kenrick

“De Bretagne's atelier is filled with paintings of whimsical lollipop-like trees in vibrant, sun-saturated colors; imaginary landscapes; balloon-like circles; starburst flowers that explode like Roman candles; and trees that are part painting, part sculpture… she infuses her subjects with human attributes … Some are strong and solid; others fanciful, childlike” - Janet Silver Ghent

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