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Beauty all around

In the background of this photograph you see a blue sky with small clouds, and in the front black tree branches that contrast with the blue sky

Pic taken during one of my evening walk in Palo Alto, CA

Outside my studio, where does my inspiration come from?

Both a hike or a good art exhibition can inspire me and prompt my creativity.

Among the artists who inspire me the most, you'll find:

Matisse (for his colors and atmospheres), David Hockney (for the urgency with which he creates in his old age),and also Dom Robert, Henri Rousseau and Yayoi Kusama. Let me explain more about these three artists and the connection with my artwork.

Did you think until now that I created from scratch? Like everyone else in fact, I start from other images that already exist.

a tapestry by Dom Robert that depicts a luxurious garden with many colorful flowers and plants

Tapestry by Dom Robert, 1976

Last century, Dom Robert created magnificent tapestries, filled with whimsical plants and animals.

When I discovered his tapestries 20 years ago it was like an artistic enlightenment. It prompted me to create my Seeds paintings.

With the memory of Dom Robert's creations I painted my own vision of heavenly gardens

filled with shoots and burgeons ready to germinate, or flowers in full bloom.

The main connection I think between his work and mine is how much life they contain.

They speak about the fruitfulness and bounty of life.

a triptych painting that represents a luxurious garden filled with imaginary and whimsical flowers, lots of colors and bubbles which look like seeds

The Somersault of my Thoughts, triptych (3 canvases), 36" (H) x 72" (W) all three together. Email me here if interested in a commissioned triptych (this one is not available).

In this triptych, called "The Somersaults of my Thoughts," the colorful flowers also depict one's spirit and soul, capable of seeing beyond the visible world, the buoyancy and fruitfulness despite or even, I want to say, in the challenges.

Now let me tell you about Henri Rousseau and the connections between his artworks and mine. Rousseau is a French naive artist from last century as well, who also represented animals in the midst of tropical plants and flowers.

painting by French artist Rousseau depicting animals in the jungle. A leopard and a black man are fighting in the midst of big plants

Jungle Sunset, by Henri Rousseau, 1910

Rousseau loved colors. Just for his jungles he sometimes used more than 50 shades of greens. No need to say that I LOVE colors too! And another similarity between Rousseau and me, is that even though he was inspired by nature, he adapted the plants to his artistic needs and they're sometimes unrecognizable.

this large square painting depicts a very large sun above a jungle forest with a small cub staring at you and standing in the midst of all the tropical plants

The Adventurous Cub, 48" x 48", $5,900. Email me here if interested.

In my painting, "The Adventurous Cub" a young cub is discovering his strength with awe.

He is feeling fearless and yet is still so vulnerable. I've always been fascinated by how fine the line is between strength and vulnerability.

The third artist whom I love is Yayoi Kusama. And I finish with my very favorite!

An old Japanese lady (91 years old) Yayoi Kusama depicts a world filled with bubbles

whether in her 2D or 3D work. My dream would be, one day, to make my seeds into 3D installations. Just like her infinite mirrors installations!

a 3d installation by Japanese artists Yayoi Kusama with colorful bubbles and mirrors that reflect the bubbles and make them infinite

Infinite Mirrors, by Yayoi Kusama

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed reading and LMK what are your sources of inspiration.


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