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Are my landscape paintings realistic?

I represent the atmosphere and emotions associated with a landscape.

My paintings are compilations of moments and places.`

a landscape painting depicting French countryside with green pastures and small hills, cattles and tiny villages

A la Campagne, 24 x 30 in, sold, go to store to see available paintings

Whether I am working on an abstract landscape inspired by New Mexico or the French countryside, I always use a colorful palette with layers of depth. Among the places that have most influenced my art are India, Mexico and New Mexico for their vibrant colors and artistry. My French works find their roots in my childhood in France before moving to California in my early thirties. I return to France regularly to search for new inspiration and showcase my work.

On a brick wall a large triptych painting represents the hills of Provence, in France, with lavender and sunflowers.

Collines de Provence, triptych, 24 x 72 in, sold, go to store to see available paintings.

In my imaginary French landscapes, I share my personal vision of France with small fields and charming little homes. Instead of aiming to represent a particular site and limiting the image to that spot, I leave it open to interpretation. My work allows the viewer to let themselves travel into their dream location, to be transported into space and time, to go wherever their heart most deeply desires.

a square painting representing the Eiffel tower with tens of hot air balloons in the sky and pretty flower bushes at the bottom

Paris Eternelle, 30 x 30 in, sold, go to store to see available paintings.


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