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Art for me is about dreaming of a better world

picture of my brushes and paint bottles in my studio

Pic of the material I use: liquid acrylic paint, tens or hundreds of old brushes, and plastic plates as palettes

2020 has been challenging, stressful, or even dramatic for some of us. “Voyage au Pays des Macarons” (A Trip to the Land of Macaroons) is my response to 2020.

I wanted this painting to be pure happiness and an open door to my fantasy world

filled with macaroons and plants that will never cease to grow!

Where can you see smiley faces? In which bubble? Let me know!

a large landscape acrylic painting that depicts a colorful garden with tens of imaginary and abstract flowers. Pink flowers and purple flowers, blue flowers and green flowers

Voyage au Pays des Macarons, 36 x 60 in, sold, go to store to see available paintings.

Now let me go back to explain the genesis of this painting.

When I first start one of my "Seeds" paintings I don't have a precise idea neither

of the color scheme nor of the composition. I don't make a draft either.

I start straight on the canvas with a background color and a few large circles (see pic below).

I trace all my circles free-hand and I also use my fingers both for patterns and circles.

After adding patterns in the first big circles I keep adding more bubbles and patterns.

At one point I might struggle with the colors and the composition but I persevere

until it's so full of life that the bubbly flowers seem to burst out of the canvas.

As to the title it comes naturally to me towards the end and it helps me to finish the painting.

If you have more questions about the process or if you are interested in "A Trip to Macaroons' Land", feel free to email me here.


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