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ALL IMAGES © Flo de Bretagne

Flo de Bretagne Contemporary Art, 756 Garland Dr Palo Alto, CA 94303

Flo de Bretagne

Artist and Muralist


Call: (650) 269-7944

Palo Alto, CA, USA

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I am passionate about bringing joy through art, whether in hospitals, homes, or schools.

I can travel for projects and ship paintings worldwide. 

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Is there any passionate artist and muralist in the San Francisco Bay Area?

                Flo de Bretagne is an artist who loves creating murals and paintings that bring joy to people throughout the US and Europe, and beyond. She ships worldwide and can travel for mural projects. With a penchant for color, vibrancy and fun, Flo aims to make people feel inspired and bring smiles to the faces of those around her, whether they are private collectors, patients in a hospital or kids in a school. Beware: her passion can be very contagious!!!!

                As a graduate of business and law, Flo would tell you that it's very important to set a clear goal for yourself. If you want to achieve anything at all! But maybe you don't care and prefer to live an easy life. As to Flo, you know how people have many preconceived notions about artists, like they are crazy people who create art when they're inspired and they are inspired after they drink or take drugs. But Flo has a very different experience, one of goal-setting and discipline. Her ultimate goal is to share her passion for art with as many people as possible. And she does share in many ways! Through team building events, classes, camps, mural paintings in public spaces and foremost with her paintings that are shipped throughout the world. A successful muralist and fine artist, Flo de Bretagne has exhibited her work internationally including the MOMA artists Gallery in San Francisco, the Los Gatos Museum, and Galerie des Saint Pères in Paris.

The Cat in the Hat, a fun team building activity!

                Flo de Bretagne offers two kinds of corporate events. Both can be super fun and inspiring! The first one is a morning or afternoon of mural painting at a local school. It's a fantastic way to give back to the community as your participation will make the project be possible at a low income school. It will definitely be a win win.


                You'll have three hours to spend with Flo on a mural project and have fun, chatting while painting under her direction. Flo will have traced everything before you arrive with your team and she'll provide you with all the material needed. No pre-requisite experience is necessary. You just have to show-up and enjoy! She will have one expectation only: if you behave like the cat in "the Cat in the Hat" book, you'll have to clean-up before the principal comes to say hello!!

A killer team building event: French buffet and painting

                Have you ever had French madeleines baked from scratch for you? Or homemade millet bread? With a sip of red or pink wine, and a touch Provence feel with tapenade? Once you have immersed yourself in this culinary heaven you will feel ready to paint your own unique masterpiece!!!!! Each person on your team will paint a unique landscape or still-life on a medium-sized canvas and then will bring back home and hang it in his/her living room. Flo will guide you step by step. Be aware that some of you will be so amazed at their own artwork that they might resign from their job and become full-time artist...

                Besides that only risk, your team will have spent a memorable time together. Whether on a mural painting project or at a wine and painting party at Flo's studio you will feel inspired, empowered to work collaboratively. Your energy will be renewed. And you will leave with something tangible (baked goods, a painting on canvas and/or pics of the event) and something intangible that you will have learned about yourself and your team.

                Hospitals can be a drab place to be and schools can lack the vibrancy that young minds crave. Flo can enter these establishments and inject some much needed joy, vigor and color through her bold and dynamic murals or paintings on canvases and prints.


                Since 2007, she has painted over one hundred murals in the San Francisco Bay area aiming to lift people’s spirits, boost morale and build community. She has heard amazing feedbacks about how much impact these murals have had on the whole community of teachers, families and students. Flo is able to travel widely to create powerful and colorful murals to uplift an environment. School art is personal to the ethos and message of the educational establishment involved. Whether working on a blank wall bordering a playground or an internal wall in a school hall, Flo can create a bright mural that conveys a message to promote inclusiveness and positivity to every member of the school community, or other educational messages such as perseverance, patience, wisdom, the power of bilingualism, etc. Building community is a crucial goal that Flo has when crafting her dynamic paintings and murals.


                Besides her murals, she has created original art and prints for hospitals and other health facilities throughout the US. Her hospital art aims to bring  joy and peace to patients who may be in pain, feel anxious, or low and isolated. Patients can escape into a painting, imagine themselves within the uplifting landscape or whimsical field of flowers. They can enjoy spotting smiley faces and playful elements they had not seen at first. Each painting or mural tells a story, from peacocks that eat poisonous food and make magnificent plumage to stunning seeds that will never cease to grow into magnificent flowers and tell us about the fruitfulness of any situation if we look at it with a positive mindset. Flo's artwork can truly uplift and inspire any soul by using bold and dynamic colors along with optimistic messages within the painting subject.

                Pet portraits can be the perfect gift for an animal lover or a wonderful treat for yourself. Working with the pet owner or gift giver, Flo will use a range of photographs of your miniature schnauzer, your Burmese cat or your labradoodle to create a bright and vibrant portrait. From a whimsical portrait to a more regal pose, Flo is flexible with your wants and needs for the pet portrait that you are after. Flo strives to capture the personality of your pet or your friend's pet through her drawing skills and then her use of color and composition. You'll be amazed to see an image of your pet that perfectly represents him like a photograph would do but with more creativity and whim. She will indeed make a realistic portrait with a touch a fantasy and uniqueness.


                Flo is an artist who wants to build community spirit, foster creativity, inspire happiness and meet new people to share her passion with. She can travel for projects and ships her paintings worldwide.