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ALL IMAGES © Flo de Bretagne

Flo de Bretagne Contemporary Art, 756 Garland Dr Palo Alto, CA 94303

I am passionate about bringing joy through art, whether in hospitals, homes, or schools.

I can travel for projects and ship paintings worldwide. 

Flo de Bretagne

Artist and muralist

Contact me at


Call: (650) 269-7944

Palo Alto, CA, USA

Flo De Bretagne is a passionate artist and muralist located in San Francisco, CA.

Flo de Bretagne is an artist who loves creating murals and paintings that bring joy to people across the San Francisco area (should we add that I ship worldwide I wouldn't like to limit to the SF area as I also painted murals in France and aims at painting and shipping worldwide. As matter of fact I have paintings throughout the world). With a penchant for color, vibrancy and fun, Flo aims to make people feel inspired and bring smiles to the faces of those around her, whether they are private collectors, patients in a hospital or kids in a school.

Flo de Bretagne is a Parisian born artist and muralist now living in Palo Alto, California. Her artistic work aims to connect with people on an emotional level. Her use of bold colors and designs associated with symbols bring messages of hope, joy and happiness to anyone viewing her paintings and murals. A graduate of business and law, Flo decided to forego the high flying corporate career for something she is passionate about: art. 


A successful muralist, Flo de Bretagne has exhibited her work internationally including the MOMA artists Gallery in San Francisco and Galerie des Saint Pères in Paris. Now, you will find Flo eager to share her passion with school children, hospital patients, pet owners and corporate teams alike.

Bay Area Team Building Events - Team Mural Painting / Wine Painting Party

Forget the boring scenario based talking shops that leave you with nothing tangible at the end of it. Your corporate event can be more inspiring and dynamic if you use art to bring your team together. Fostering creativity and transparency, Flo can guide your team through an art based workshop, encouraging your team to work collaboratively on a mural project. You can spend a morning with a renowned artist, learning new painting techniques and creating a mural that means something to your business. With a common goal and through art, your team can get creative and begin to work together.


Alternatively, an evening of wine and cheese + French homemade treats accompanied by art and painting may be more apt for your corporate team building event. These events rely on openness and a willingness to learn. They are less formal and stuffy than other corporate events, leaving your team feeling more inspired and empowered to work collaboratively. This can then be applied to your office environment, leading to greater productivity and a happier place to work. At the end of every team building session, you will have something to show for your team’s efforts. This aids motivation and can leave your employees feeling more inspired to work in a team.

Hospitals can be a drab place to be and schools can lack the vibrancy that young minds crave. Flo can enter these establishments and inject some much needed joy, vigor and color into these environments through her bold and dynamic murals. Since 2007, she has painted over one hundred murals in the San Francisco Bay area aiming to lift people’s spirits, boost morale and build community.


Flo is able to travel widely to create powerful and colorful murals to uplift an environment. Her hospital art aims to bring a little piece of joy to patients who may be in pain, who are feeling low and isolated or anxious. Patients are able to escape into a painting, imagine themselves within the uplifting piece and enjoy spotting new aspects of the murals. Each mural tells a story, from peacocks that eat poisonous food and make magnificent plumage to stunning seed art using bold and dynamic colors that uplift and inspire.


School art is more personal to the ethos and message of the educational establishment involved. Whether working on a blank wall bordering a playground or an internal wall in a school hall, Flo can create a bright mural that conveys a message to promote inclusiveness and positivity to every member of the school community, or other educational messages such as perseverance, patience, wisdom, the power of bilingualism, etc. Building community spirit is a crucial goal that Flo has when crafting her dynamic paintings and murals.

Pet portraits can be the perfect gift for an animal lover or a wonderful treat for yourself. Flo aims to encapsulate the personality of a pet within a painting through her use of color and composition. Working with the pet owner or gift giver, Flo will use a range of photographs of your miniature schnauzer, your Burmese cat or your labradoodle to create a bright and vibrant portrait. From a whimsical portrait to a more regal pose, Flo is flexible with your wants and needs for the pet portrait that you are after.


Flo is an artist who wants to build community spirit, foster creativity, inspire happiness and meet new people to share her passion with. She can travel for projects and ships her paintings worldwide.