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ALL IMAGES © Flo de Bretagne

Flo de Bretagne Contemporary Art, 756 Garland Dr Palo Alto, CA 94303

My serene landscapes open the door to the immensity of the universe. They provide a calming environment that rests our minds from the rush of today's culture. 

Paris en Fête
24 x 36 in, $2,800
Paris has many surnames: “the city of lights”, “the city of love” or “the city of best food”. When I go back to Paris, the whole town always seems to have a festive atmosphere: people have a late afternoon drink at the café terraces, the department stores show beautiful vitrines, the Eiffel Tower glows with hundreds of lights every night. Paris is always celebrating!
Collines de Provence
Triptych, 72 x 36 in, $4,700
Once upon a time I went to Provence a child every summer with my aunt Lili in her old 2CV (Citroen). And as I grew old myself I started to dream about my retirement in Provence with the crickets singing and the smell of lavenders.
My Happy Spot
A unique view of French riviera at the bottom, paired with Lake Tahoe at the top, and inspired by a Japanese print.
My special place
24 x 36 in, $2,800
Will you a take a walk with me on the little curvy road going along green hills and cultivated fields with cattle?
The Three Little Homes
"The Three Little Homes" are a refuge for three sisters who have stayed very close throughout their lives. Colorful flowers surround them.
Paris, éternelle
30 x 30 in, $2,800
This is my whimsical version of Paris, with spring flowers and pretty bushes, balloons everywhere and a festive atmosphere.
Available for prints
Time for Love
The Eiffel Tower is all gold and surrounded with bubbles of happiness. You're 20 years old and you think you're the king of the universe. It's time for love.
From a song by French singer Françoise Hardy.
Journey Through the Forest
30 x 30 in, $2,800
I was inspired by French artist Le Douanier Rousseau who painted luxuriant jungles and eccentric animals, as well as lovers in nature. The couple in "Journey Through the Forest" is surrounded by a green landscape. Green is the color of hope and regeneration.
La Ballade des Papillons
18 x 36 in, $2,000
La Ballade des Papillons represents an enchanting landscape where butterflies play together in a cheery atmosphere.
Blazing Dunes
48 x 12 in, $1,600
I was inspired by the beautiful landscapes in New Mexico. These blazing dunes look endless.
Le Jardin du Paradis
This painting of a heavenly garden was inspired by David Hockney's paintings. I find it to be my most masculine picture. The trees stand very strong and beautiful.
Éternité Bleue
36 x 24 in, $2,300
Eternite Bleue is the most serene landscape you can imagine. The green color symbolizes hope and the full moon allows us to see these peaceful curves and still lake.
Serene Landscape
These lovers are peacefully watching the vast landscape. The hills as well as the colors are extremely soothing and express tenderness.
The Pretty Garden
A large cloud provides abundant rain that allows life to flourish in the garden.
Ma Maison
30 x 30 in, $2,800
This is a beautiful home, surrounded with a pretty garden.
The Bird, the Mountains and the Moon
30 x 30 in, $2,800
This painting is full of mystery: is this a big bird flying in between the mountains ranges? Is this a very large sun or the moon?
78 x 36 in, $6,800
In this painting, the full moon watches over the whole landscape, the water flows between an immense mountain range that gives life to beautiful plants and fruitful hills.
My Countryside
51 x 51 in, $5,500
A big family house is surrounded by a vast garden filled with fruits and flowers. The river flowing though the garden gives life to all the plants.
Tropical Garden
40 x 60 in, $5,400
This garden is filled with tropical plants and flowers. They all come in pairs, which illustrates that we are never alone.
My Secret Place
This painting depicts many wonderful places that I have traveled to, including the mountains of Vietnam, lakes in Switzerland, and the French countryside.
My Secret Place
These mountains represent the Halong Bay in Vietnam. A couple is watching the sun come down as it brings warm and intense colors.
New Mexico
This is part of a health facility collection in Texas.
This is my first painting in my series "Eternity". This series is about cherishing special moments with a loved one. This is a very serene landscape.
You and Me
Collection of Palo Alto Medical Foundation
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