I view art as a way to meet new people and to foster community.

Whether I give you a tour of my studio (in my backyard during Covid...) to show you my paintings, 

host a wine and painting party or plan a team building party with you for your next outing as a team,

I'd love to share my passion with you. Art can be uplifting and therapeutical. We all need creativity!

Come find out why large high tech companies such as Facebook, Google, Oracle, Salesforce, Apple, and many local start-ups choose to do a team event with Flo!

Flo offers two kinds of team building events for corporates:

  1. Mural painting: come and paint with me on a mural project, for one morning or afternoon

  2. Wine and painting party: enjoy wine and cheese while painting on a real canvas, for one afternoon or evening

Bay Area Team Building Events with Flo debretagne

Opting for one of these two dynamic team building activities in the San Francisco Bay Area

will allow you to spend a memorable moment with your team!

Mural Painting
Team building in the by area: mural project at a school

               The power of art is often underestimated. Some paintings make you laugh, some make you cry, and others make you want to have a go at painting yourself. Flo de Bretagne wants to bring people together through her art, and empower individuals to work as a team to create something spectacular. Based in California, Flo organizes events where employees work as a team on a mural project. This isn’t about excelling at art or being a maestro with a paintbrush. Art can foster a collaborative approach towards a common goal; a skill that you can then transfer over to the workplace.


               Flo will design the mural, take care of the materials and the cleaning, and will leave you with the best part: the actual painting of the mural. You'll be surrounded with kids who will marvel at your work even if you are just starting out! You'll have a visit from the principal who will tell you how much his school community will enjoy and cherish this new mural, and all of the while you'll be having so much fun with your team members!

Read more stories here, about how murals can impact people's lives.

Wine & Painting Party

Wine and Painting Party

wine and painting parties at Flo de Bretagne's studio

                For those who prefer a more personal approach, why not choose a wine and painting party? The informal and relaxed setting away from the office can empower your team to open up to new experiences. Here, your team will enjoy painting on a real canvas with Flo, while enjoying wine-tasting with a variety of French cheeses and home-made appetizers. With a more social atmosphere, your team can discuss ideas, enjoy some laughs, and feel proud that they have achieved something at the end of the event which they'll be able to take home. Every participant will have accomplished a 11 x 14 in painting on canvas, their very own unique masterpiece even if it is their first time painting! Flo has a talent of making everyone feel comfortable with paint and brushes in their hands.


                All too often, team building events for the corporate sphere may be repetitive or overly formal. Flo de Bretagne, an accomplished artist who has exhibited her work locally and internationally, offers something unique and exciting. Perfect for startups (like Carbon 3D, Aurora, Clickatell and many more who have already participated in Flo de Bretagne's mural projects) or veteran businesses (like Google, Apple, Facebook, Oracle, Salesforce, and many more who have also participated even several times for some of their teams!) looking for something new, Flo's events allow her to share her artistic talent with your team. At the end of the event, you and your team will have something tangible to show for your efforts.

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Flo de Bretagne Contemporary Art, 756 Garland Dr Palo Alto, CA 94303