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ALL IMAGES © Flo de Bretagne

Flo de Bretagne Contemporary Art, 756 Garland Dr Palo Alto, CA 94303

My "Seeds" paintings are my signature work. They represent bubbles filled with promise of life. I was first inspired by magnificent contemporary French tapestries. The seeds are seeds of change, hope, and new life. It shows the possible fruitfulness of everyone's life.

Time Travel
36 x 60 in, $ 5,400
Time Travel is a trip throughout my thoughts. The past still exists and will never be forgotten. It gives more layers and depth to the present.
le jardin de ma grand-mere
30 x 30 in, $2,800
My Grandmother's Garden was extraordinary, just like her.
A Field of Marvels
10 x 20 in, $490
A little person was surrounded with light bubbles that looked like flowers. She didn't know at which one to marvel first. She suddenly felt so uplifted.
Hawaiian seeds
Triptych, 72 x 36 in, $4,700
Once upon a time there was a young couple who went to Hawaii on their honeymoon. Everything seemed like an outburst of joy and happy laughter. The whole world celebrated the beginning of their new life together.
Les Doudous
30 x 30 in, $2,800
Two twin sisters spent hours immersing themselves into the fields covered with dandelions. They blew on the delicate white "feathers" and imagined how great it would be to fly away with the petals.
A Harvest of Hope and Love
Diptych, 60(W) x 40(H) in, $4,800
It’s the story of two persons who tirelessly planted seeds until the universe was filled with flamboyant trees. Their love and their hope were endless.
Le Jardin aux Abricots
30 x 30 in, $2,800
A little boy named James looked every day at the seeds in his backyard to see the future apricots become plump.
Les Doudous Tout Doux
30 x 30 in, $2,800
One day I jumped into a field of dandelions and entered one of them. I saw the whole world through a different lens, one of lightness and happiness.
Romance songs
Surrounded by fruitful plants and bathed by a full moon I could hear your romantic songs. They delighted my soul.
Graines de Provence
16 x 16 in, $550
This painting has a warm tone like a landscape in Provence.
Blowing Bubbles
16 x 16 in, $550
Je Serai Forte
36 x 36 in, $3,400
On the background made of "seeds", lots of words are written: it says "I'll be strong" in French!
Summer Evenings
16 x 16 in, $550
It's late in the evening at the time when all colors are intense and beautiful.
Seeds of Light
16 x 16 in, $550
The light is everywhere in this painting.
Turquoise Seeds
16 x 16 in, $550
Blooming Seeds
60 x 72 in, $8,400
This is my largest "Seeds" painting. It makes the entire room look like a fruitful garden.
Les Sucettes (Lollipop Seeds)
These flowers have candy colors.They smell as good as they look and they even might taste as good as candies.
Seeds of Celebration
"This very moment is a seed from which the flowers of tomorrow's happiness grow". Margaret Lindsey tells exactly what is in my painting "Seeds of Celebration."
Seeds of Tomorrow
Green is the color of regeneration. "Seeds of Tomorrow" speaks of a hopeful future.
The Sunflower Seeds
Seeds of life, seeds of happiness, seeds of change...
Les Mille et une Nuits
"Les mille et une Nuits" is the story of a Middle Eastern beautiful woman telling stories every night to her lover. The atmosphere in this painting is warm and magical.
Bearing Many Fruits
"Bearing Many Fruits" has many layers and this forest is very inviting. It's resourcing and energizing.
Mon Potager
Green is the color most commonly associated
with springtime, freshness and hope.
Mon Potager (My Vegetable Garden) is filled with hope and freshness of life.
My Grandmother's Garden
Three tiny children loved to spend their entire day in the huge garden where their grandmother grew lots of apricot trees, bending under the weight of all the mature apricots.
A Bouquet of Flavors
My childhood garden was beautiful and bounty. It was filled with a variety of perfumes, shapes, colors, flowers and fruits.
Fairytale Seeds
This is one of my favorite "Seeds"paintings. Its bright tones illustrate that everything is possible.
Les Fleurs du Paradis
I just finished this big painting called "Les Fleurs du Paradis". It has lots of happy bubbles. These bubbles might grow or pop. You never know. Therefore you want to cease them with open hands when they're here.
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