Pet Portraits

If you're looking for a perfect gift for your friend or loved one,

consider ordering a pet portrait.

A Perfect Gift

             Flo de Bretagne strives to bring hope and inspire people through her art. Pet portraits can liven up a room and immortalize all the positive memories you have with your beloved fur-baby. 


             Her custom pet portraits capture not only your pet, but also their personality. Combining a realistic representation of your dog, cat, horse or any of your favorite animals with an abstract portrayal of your favorite household details, she adds a touch of creativity to the painting.

square portrait of a labradoodle seating on a comfy pillow
square pet portrait representing a golden retriever lying on a dotted pillow and a little squirrel running around him
What is the process like?

             As with all commissioned art, the process starts with a dialogue between you and the artist. 


             First you send pics of your pet in various situations and describe their habits, favorite toys or what makes them unique. Is your pet mischievous or peaceful? Then we take a look at the background. Do you prefer a whimsical background with a design or something calm and subtle with neutral tones?

       Fast forward four to five weeks and your new pet portrait has finally been revealed! While representing your pet, it also has the vibrancy, brush strokes, whim, and fantasy of a painting by Flo de Bretagne.

             "I love painting portraits of dogs, cats, and any pet because I know how much love exists between a person and their pet. I want to create a gift that a pet owner will cherish for their entire life." - Flo 

small portrait of a pug standing in front of a burgundy red background with large black dots
colorful portrait of a black labradoodle holding an automn leaf in his mouth and standing ona blanket with bownish square patterns in front of a turquoise wall with more automn leaves

Tips From a Pet Portrait Artist

             "I often hear the question: how do you paint animal fur? How do you make it so fuzzy and real? I use a very old and torn brush. I put a little paint on it. I almost scratch the painting with it. I'm not afraid of messing up. I actually mess up quite a bit and keep at it until it looks like a pet's hair." - Flo

Sizes and Prices

All portraits are available in a number of sizes, and the pricing is shown below:


             12 x 12 in, $550

             14 x 14 in, $750

             16 x 16 in, $950

             12 x 16 in, $750

             16 x 20 in, $1,050

             20 x 20 in, $1,300

             24 x 24 in, $1,700

portrait of a jack russell in front of a patterned wallpaper
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