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ALL IMAGES © Flo de Bretagne

Flo de Bretagne Contemporary Art, 756 Garland Dr Palo Alto, CA 94303

Original Paintings

               Are you looking for an original painting for your home, your beach house or your mountain cabin? Are you a designer or an art consultant in charge of the decoration of a new hospital or the renewal of an elderly care home? Or are you an admin looking into finding a perfect piece to brighten up your office? Contact Flo de Bretagne for a free consultation. She will help match your needs for your ideal painting. If it doesn’t exist yet, she will be happy to design it for you!

la chouette-siteflo.jpg
A Paris-small.jpg
siteflo-Bubbles of Joy.jpg

               Click on each image to go to the following galleries: flowers and trees paintings, animal paintings, landscapes, "Seeds" paintings, Parisian Life

Working in Series

               Flo De Bretagne is a French muralist and artist based in California who creates original paintings that are colorful and uplifting. Through a variety of original artwork, Flo strives to bring happiness and joy through her original paintings, creating works that are perfect for schools, hospitals, and private homes which need some brightening up. Flo works in series and each one holds a specific theme, a common thread, and style. Throughout Flo's work are similarities that define her signature style: the bright and vibrant colors, as well as the many layers of paint that give so much depth, compounded by whim and fantasy. Over the past 25 years she has developed six primary series that she presents on her website: the "Seeds" (imaginary bubbles filled with fruitful seeds), animals (symbolism and vulnerability), landscapes (made-up places with elements from various worldly locales, all combined in one painting), flowers and trees (filled with energy, strength and perseverance), and Parisian Life (quaint coffee shops, and authentic cafés).

"Artists Have Obsessions"

               "A long time ago I was told that artists have obsessions. Now, I couldn’t find that to be more true! That's why I work in series. I am obsessed with circles, with new life, with animals, with imaginary landscapes, and with souvenirs from my childhood.

               I like to represent animals with a strong personality or those who are a symbol for positivity, so that each picture and animal evoke a different feeling. I enjoy painting blooming flowers that burst open with new life. These flowers are a statement of joy, energy and freedom. Each of my flower paintings offers a different emotion and feelings, unveiling a story that only the onlooker can interpret. I paint serene landscapes to show the immensity of the universe. These paintings create a calming environment, granting our minds to take a brief repose from the hustle and bustle of today's culture. My signature works, however, are my “Seeds” paintings, a series of bubbles filled with the promise of life. They are seeds of change, hope and new life, that show the possibilities of fruitfulness in every life.

               Even though I usually focus on one series at time and sometimes for a few years, I go back and forth between my series. I feel that I'll never be done with some of them. It's like an entire language, and I am constantly learning new vocabulary and improving my skills. I want to keep pushing and digging, I want to persevere and work further." - Flo

Would you rather have an moody artwork or an uplifting one?

               Picture this: a black stripe of paint on a dark grey with bloody red dripping on top. Or a field of bubble-like flowers with uplifting colors. Or a mama bear kissing her cub. Which one seems more inviting?

               A painting can be that final touch to turn a newly remodeled house into a home. It can renew the energy and the feel of an entire room or home without  the need to further remodel! Think of all those places that feel uncomfortable, stressful, or scary, and imagine them transformed with colorful, positive artwork, to replenish a depleted sense of calm, joy, and peace. Art brings us together with a truly durable and profound impact on everyday life. It's healing.

               Contact Flo to schedule a free consultation for assistance picking out a personalized size and style of painting for your home, school, hospital or office. Flo de Bretagne offers a variety of original paintings, provides commissioned artwork or murals, as well as a selection of team building events. High quality prints are offered of every original painting still for sale, available to be shipped anywhere in the world. 

San Francisco Artist or French Artist? (Flo in Publications)

               Flo's murals, pet portraits, and paintings of roosters, peacocks, elephants, French landscapes, flowers, and many other works, have been featured in a variety of magazines and newspapers all around the world. She has been published in the Palo Alto Weekly, the Almanac, Atherton Living, PUNCH Magazine, Pleasanton Weekly, ESCP Magazine in Paris France, and more.

Contact Flo to discuss your project, or to find the right painting for your home, your office or your hospital. flo@flodebretagne.com