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ALL IMAGES © Flo de Bretagne

Flo de Bretagne Contemporary Art, 756 Garland Dr Palo Alto, CA 94303

On this page and the galleries that open when you click on the images, you'll discover my original paintings.

I can help you pick the right size and style for your home, hospital, or office.

Contact me to schedule a free consultation to make the right choice for you.

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Email: flo@flodebretagne.com

Call (650) 269 7944

Original Paintings by Flo De Bretagne

Flo De Bretagne is a French muralist and artist based in California that creates original paintings that are colorful and uplifting. Striving every day to bring happiness and joy to different people through artwork, I provide a variety of original happy art that is full of color and is perfect for schools, hospitals, and even a home that needs some brightening up. Places where people feel uncomfortable, stressed out, and scared are the perfect places to put colorful, and positive artwork, to give the person looking a sense of calm, joy, and peace, while changing the entire feel of the room. Contact me to schedule a free consultation if at any point you need assistance picking out the right size and style of painting for your home, school, hospital or office. I offer a variety of different original paintings, I like to represent animals with a strong personality and who are a symbol for positivity, each picture and animal evoking a different feeling. I enjoy painting blooming flowers that open wide bursting with new life. These flowers are a statement of joy, energy and freedom. Each of my flower paintings offers a different emotion and feelings unveiling a story that only the onlooker can interpret. I paint serene landscapes that show the immensity of the universe. These paintings provide a calming environment, resting our minds from the hustle and bustle of today's culture. My signature work however are my “seeds” paintings. These paintings represent bubbles filled with the promise of life. The seeds are seeds of change, hope and new life, these show the possibilities of fruitfulness in everyone's lives. I provide commissioned artwork, murals as well team building events. Prints are offered of every painting, these are for sale and available to be shipped anywhere in the world. 

San Francisco Artist - Original Painting

My murals, paintings and exhibitions of rooster paintings, peacocks and pet portraits have been featured in a variety of magazines and available literature including PUNCH Magazine, ESCP Magazine in Paris France, Pleasanton Weekly, Palo Alto Weekly and more.