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ALL IMAGES © Flo de Bretagne

Flo de Bretagne Contemporary Art, 756 Garland Dr Palo Alto, CA 94303

My work on paper

Playing the Guitar
Peace and harmony are coming out of this little scenery with a woman playing the guitar in a beautiful landscape.
Planting our garden
19 x 7 in
All these little people are working together to plant the most beautiful garden. It's filled with love and beauty.
19 x 7 in
Together we stand, together we plan our future, together we work for a better world.
Toi et moi pour toujours
12 x 12 in
Colored pencils on paper
"You and Me Forever" depicts a tiny couple holding hands in a lush garden with beautiful flowers and a charming cottage.
Au Bouquet de Grenelle
8 x 8 in
I did this engraving years ago while I was studying Art in Paris. I used to do a lot of sketches in cafes, then used them for engraving or painting.
Au Bouquet de Grenelle
12 x 12 in
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