Welcome to Flo de Bretagne's website

"I am passionate about bringing joy through art. My paintings speak of beauty, bounty,
hope, serenity, and fruitfulness of life."

Flo de Bretagne, commissioned artist, Palo Alto

Discover all my latest artwork created during COVID: "Colors of Hope"

Flo's artwork at the De Young Museum, fall 2020

"I had bare walls for years but couldn't find any artwork I liked.

I heard about Flo from a friend and immediately loved her uplifting and vibrant paintings.

I have one of Flo's "Seeds" paintings in my living room and one of her landscapes in my dining room. 

I love my two paintings by Flo! They brighten our days" - Ann

Triton Museum of Art, statewide competition, 2021 summer salon

Email me at flo@flodebretagne.com    Call: (650) 269-7944