I feel grateful that many people connect with my work and I'd like to thank all who have supported me.

Given the growing number of requests for commissions and paintings recently,

I have decided to raise my prices by 10%, starting on March 1st 2021.

Flo de Bretagne

Artist and Muralist


Call: (650) 269-7944

Palo Alto, CA, USA

       Flo's painting Time Travel at the De Young Museum in San Francisco,

in the fall of 2020. 

            "Why do I paint? Because it gives me and other people the opportunity to dream.

To dream of a world made of peace, beauty, truth, diversity, and gentleness.

Flo is passionate about bringing joy through art, whether in homes, schools, or hospitals.

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, she can also travel for projects and ship paintings worldwide. 

A painting by Flo de Bretagne that represents colorful seeds and flowers

Artist and Muralist in the San Francisco Bay Area

                Flo de Bretagne loves sharing her paintings and murals in order to bring joy to people around the world. With a taste for color, vibrancy and fun, Flo aims to make people feel inspired and bring smiles to the faces of private collectors, kids in schools, and patients in hospitals. Along with having painted over 100 murals in the Bay Area, she has exhibited her paintings locally and internationally including at the SFMOMA Artists Gallery, Los Gatos Museum, and Galerie des Saint-Pères in Paris. She also organizes team-building events for companies, allowing members of the community to participate in her projects and develop their own artistic talent.

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ALL IMAGES © Flo de Bretagne

Flo de Bretagne Contemporary Art, 756 Garland Dr Palo Alto, CA 94303