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ALL IMAGES © Flo de Bretagne

Flo de Bretagne Contemporary Art, 756 Garland Dr Palo Alto, CA 94303

My blooming flowers open wide to burst into new life. They are a statement of joy, energy, and freedom. My tree paintings are like portraits of human beings: some are strong, some are playful, some are festive, others have scars. 

La Magie d'un Soir
36 x 36 in, $3,400
That particular evening everything seemed magical to you. The leaves on the trees were dancing and you felt happy.
48 x 48 in, $5,200
This is one of my few oil paintings. It represents the portrait of someone filled with emotions who stands strong throughout life.
24 x 24 in, $1,700
Green is the color of harmony and revival, while yellow is associated with energy and happiness.
Coming to Life
40 x 40 in, $3,900
The flower here seems to pop out of the canvas and fills the atmosphere with joy and optimism.
The Morning Star
20 x 20 in, $1,400
This exhilarating flower seems to burst from the canvas. It's full of energy and life.
To the Fullness
51 x 51 in, $5,400
"To the Fullness" is opening wide revealing all its colors and beauty. This is a bold flower in full bloom. It's filled with life and energy.
The Festive Tree
20 x 60 in, $3,300
"The Festive Tree" is ready for celebration. Its colorful attire brightens up the atmosphere.
The Peacock Tree
20 x 60 in, $3,300
This peacock feather has grown into a tree. While it still has the delicacy of a feather, it has gained the strength of a tree.
The Four Seasons
36 x 36 in, $3,100
I was inspired by artist Niki de Saint Phalle's paintings and sculptures of colorful trees and women. This is a tree that has four seasons in it.
The Tree of Life
20 x 60 in, $3,300
This tree gives life to lots of seeds, flowers, and fruits. "The Tree of Life" has very soothing colors.
The Peaceful Tree
30 x 40 in, $3,300
This tree is very peaceful. It seems strong and quiet. A joyful and animated background is surrounding it.
Blooming Flower
This flower is an explosion of joy and energy.
Le Doudou
"Le Doudou" was the first one of my blooming flowers. It's a childhood souvenir as I used to go to a vacation place where there are a lot of dandelions and I loved to blow them.
The Hawaiian Flower
This blooming flower exudes joy.
Available for prints
This flower was a birthday gift!
The Blue Flower
The Tree of Resurrection
Butterflies are a symbol of resurrection. In this painting they celebrate new life.
La Journee d'une Femme
This is how busy and happy the day of a woman can be.
These two trees paintings images are very close yet each one is unique and has a different poem written around the edges. This one is about a rendez-vous.
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