Flower and Tree Paintings

Representing spring flowers in full bloom

and strong trees that have weathered through storms.

Family Time
60 x 72 in
La Magie d'un Soir
36 x 36 in
The Tree of Life
60 x 20 in
48 x 48 in
24 x 24 in
Coming to Life
40 x 40 in
To the Fullness
51 x 51 in
The Festive Tree
60 x 20 in
The Peacock Tree
60 x 20 in
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Big, Bold, Strong.

             Flo de Bretagne's paintings of flowers and trees are full of energy. Her flowers are big and bold, wide open and blossoming with life. Her trees are strong whether they are bent or straight, whether they show their roots or not, as they continue to persist against the wind and the storms of life.

a painting depicting a tree in the darkness of the night

Tree Paintings? Or Portraits of Human Beings?

             "My paintings of trees are almost like portraits of human beings. When I depict an old tree, all scarred and bent, I am actually portraying an old man who has been through many challenges and yet still stands strong. When I paint a small round-shaped tree, it is the portrait of someone dancing with joy. Many of my inspirations derive from my interest in parallels, particularly between humans and trees. I find that Peter Wohlleben explains this connection in a beautiful manner in his book, 'The Hidden Life of Trees'. He explains that trees can communicate and have feelings. They send messages to other trees when they feel a danger and want to warn them against it. In my own paintings, the trees are very whimsical such as in 'The Four Seasons' where I integrate many colors, fusing dominant and soft tones into four different areas of the canvas. This composition was inspired by Swiss artist Niki de Saint Phalle and her tree drawings and sculptures." - Flo

a square painting of a magenta flower opening wide is hanging ona white wall above a burgundy red sofa in between two windows

              "My paintings of flowers have a lot of energy too. 'Coming to Life' shows a big bold fuchsia flower with golden accents. Depending on where you stand in the room the golden accents pop up and extend outward in a manner that is almost three-dimensional. It fills the entire room with its energy and happiness. 'Harmony' balances green and yellow tones to create a rich sense of polyphony and soft, blooming energy." - Flo

Adding Dimensions 

             "Some of my trees are oil paintings, others acrylic. Experimenting with a third dimension, 'Family Time' shows sculptures with fabrics glued onto the original canvas before being painted over. Meanwhile, some of my flower paintings are made with other types of paints such as enamel. I always look forward to experimenting with numerous creative techniques." - Flo

Painting Emotions

             Flo de Bretagne's floral artwork gives an account of shifting emotions. Her flowers are jubilant and whimsical, while her trees each have their own character and feelings, derived from the emotional connection Flo has with each work. You may see a tree with a broken trunk that continues to grow, or a foliage with bubbles. 

             Flo's paintings of flowers and trees will sometimes borrow elements from her "Seeds" compositions, or some of her trees may be part of a larger landscape. Although she works in series, it is not uncommon for some paintings to belong to several series.

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ALL IMAGES © Flo de Bretagne

Flo de Bretagne Contemporary Art, 756 Garland Dr Palo Alto, CA 94303