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ALL IMAGES © Flo de Bretagne

Flo de Bretagne Contemporary Art, 756 Garland Dr Palo Alto, CA 94303

I like to represent animals who have a strong personality and who are a symbol for something positive: turtles for perseverance and endurance, peacocks for happiness, roosters for courage and fidelity, butterflies for change and resurrection.

I have also started a new series of alpha animals. I want to show their strength and their vulnerability at the same time.

The Lolipop Peacock
18 x 18 in x 2.5 in deep, $1,300
Playful and happy, that's how this little peacock is feeling today!
Le Baiser du Soir
24 x 72 in, $3,900
"The Evening Kiss" or "Baiser du Soir", is all about love and fruitfulness. Two owls are kissing and their many youngsters are happily chatting and laughing all together.
I Love You
40 x 30 in, $3,300
Once upon a time there was a mama gorilla who loved her baby gorilla so much that she wished she could keep him forever in her big arms. She felt both strong and vulnerable. She felt both happy and worried. She was a mama!
Happy Times
48 x 48 in, $5,400
Pandas are a reason for hope. From "endangered" species, they have become "vulnerable" which means that their number is on the rise. It's time to be happy and to play.
Mommy and me
36 x 48 in, $3,900
A mama pangolin and her cub are trying to hide and blend in their surroundings. Their tenderness and their love are so big that it might well save them.
It Will Always be You
30 x 40 in, $3,300
Whatever happens I feel strong with you. Your joy is contagious. I feel like we could talk forever, we have so much to share and to talk about. I am in an endless bliss.
L'Insouciance des Lapinots
48 x 36 in, $3,900
Two little rabbits (the "lapinots") are kissing and their love is so strong and deep that they don't see the big brown bear coming their way. Their life is worriless and happy.
Contemplating You
6 x 5 in, $150
Day after day I was in awe of you. I was contemplating you with an endless love and surprise.
Tous les Deux
5 x 7 in, $180
Once upon a time we were "tous les deux" (both of us) in our bubble of happiness, nested closely together, forever.
Lolipop Butterfly
8 x 10 in, $250
The Valiant Ram
24 x 30 in, $2,100
This ram is on the lookout, ready to protect his herd. I was inspired by French artist, Le Douanier Rousseau.
La Montagne aux Papillons
16 x 20 in, $950
Butterflies are a symbol of resurrection. I am also fascinated by their diversity. Just like butterflies, every person is unique with a different culture, religion, and nationality, yet we can become a masterpiece when we unite and come together.
The Adventurous Cub
48 x 48 in, $5,400
A young cub ventures in the deep forest. He feels fearless and is just discovering his strength with awe. He is brave but maybe a bit reckless too.
Madame la Giraffe
24 x 72 in, $3,900
It’s a beautiful sunset over a tropical forest where a tall giraffe and more living creatures are hiding. They enjoy every single minute of this magical evening.
A Blissful Life with You
48 x 60, $6,800
Two peacocks are deeply in love and are uniting their beauty to make a masterpiece together.
When Life is Magical
30 x 48 in, $3,700
On a deep blue sky with many stars
a magnificent peacock opens his feathers
to bring a message of joy and optimism to the world.
The Peacock Dance
48 x 60 in, $6,800
The peacock in this painting is dancing
and celebrating life. His joy has no limit.
Ready for the Party
40 x 50 in, $4,400
«There’s a morning when presence comes over your soul. You sing like a rooster in your earth-colored shape. Your heart hears and, no longer frantic, begins to dance.» Rumi
That perfectly says what I want to depict in my painting « Ready for the Party ». The rooster here is ready to sing and dance joyfully.
Bubbles of Joy
30 x 30 in, $2,800
These colorful butterflies are fluttering among bubbles of joy and freedom.
Flames of joy
This exuberant peacock is displaying
his superb plumage. He fills the room
with joy and optimism. Strength is radiating.
Sur le Toît du Monde (On the Earth r
This rooster is standing with pride on the roof of the Earth ("sur le Toît du Monde").
In Awe
Once upon a time there was a strong and beautiful elephant. At the sight of a large family of geese he became very puzzled.
The Majestic Peacock
This is the portrait of a very elegant and graceful bird. He has the dignity of a king.
le Petit Cheval
12 x 16 in,
This horse exudes happiness, freedom, and energy.
Available for prints
Les Grenouilles mes Amies
My Friends the Frogs depict two frogs doing their favorite hobby while a third one is hidden and secretly staring at them. It could be a book and the beginning of a long story. I let every one create his/her story.
La Danse des Papillons
This painting is an invitation to meditate, to be absorbed in the contemplation of each butterfly. Butterflies are a symbol of change, renewal, resurrection.
These two turtles are swimming happily among colorful fishes and algae.
Available for prints
Par soir de pleine lune
A wise owl is staring in the deep blue night. Owls are a symbol for wisdom and protection.
Le Regard du Hibou
"The Owl's eyes" represents an owl who is taking in the beauty of the starlight sky with dozens of eyes observing the glowing stars.
Available for prints