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ALL IMAGES © Flo de Bretagne

Flo de Bretagne Contemporary Art, 756 Garland Dr Palo Alto, CA 94303


Le Jardin de Zoé (Zoe's Garden)
51 x 51 in, $5,400
This is Zoe's garden, planted by a little girl with a lot of whim and creativity. It's filled with big bold flowers which blossom and grow so much that they reach the sky and the fluffy clouds.
Collection of Lucile Packard Children's Hospital. "Esperanza" means hope in Spanish.
Floating Crowd
36 x 36 in, $3,100
"The Crowd" seems to float away from worries.
The Light Coming Through
72 x 48 in, $6,900
In this creative painting, a person's thoughts float up to the sky amidst bright bubbles.
A little person is peacefully seated on the bottom left corner, inside a bubble. His thoughts are many and evolve with freedom. This person likes to be in his secret place, with himself.
Let Me Watch and Think
72 x 48 in, $6,900
As you take a step back, you suddenly notice a person's blue face on the right side of the painting. It reminds me of the hidden faces I would search for among the clouds on the wallpaper of my childhood bedroom.
A Stroll Through Heaven
48 x 48 in, $5,200
I have this vision that it would be possible to go to heaven for a walk, visit deceased people whom we love, and come back with a new perspective on the earth.
A Symphony of Colors
51 x 51 in, $ 5,400
Colors are musical and music is colorful. Is this Beethoven's 5th symphony or a Mozart requiem?
La Chaussette du Roi (the King's Sos
36 x 48 in, $3,900
This is a very whimsical painting with a myriad of playful details and stories. Some of these include a car driving on the clouds, colorful bubbles filling the mountains, and a giant sock kicking the road. It represents numerous memories from my childhood.
Vive la Vie
Among my "Journals," this is the largest one with a lot of whimsical stories.
The Soothing Lake
48 x 48 in, $ 5,200
Water is the source of life and energy. These trees growing by the lake are nurtured by the water.
La Liaison France-Amerique
Diptych, 60 x 40 in in, $4,200
This other journal is a diptych: the left part represents the American dream while the right part depicts the French countryside.
The Moon's Kiss
Triptych, 54 x 36 in, $3,900
"When the moon kisses the sun, the lady with curlers smiles." That's a whimsical and unique title for a cheerful triptych!
48 x 60 in, $6,800
"The Kiss" by Gustav Klimt inspired me while I was painting a series of landscapes.
The two lovers in my painting are immersed in nature. They are united as the design of the woman's dress continues onto the man's coat. A vibrant pink sunset illuminates the lovers.
Soaring Leaves
48 x 48 in, $5,200
La Danseuse
36 x 60 in, $4,400
Dressed with a magnificent outfit she seems to be flying on the dance floor as she swirls in circles.
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From a nature abstract painting to a whimsical image of a crowd made of bubbles, each one of my abstract paintings is unique and has a different story which I invite you to discover.