Abstract Paintings

        "From a nature scene to a whimsical image of a crowd made of bubbles, each one of my abstract paintings is unique and has a different story which I invite you to discover." - Flo

Le Jardin de Zoé (Zoe's Garden)
51 x 51 in
Floating Crowd
36 x 36 in
72 x 48 in
Let Me Watch and Think
72 x 48 in
A Stroll Through Heaven
48 x 48 in
A Symphony of Colors
51 x 51 in
La Chaussette du Roi (the King's Sos
36 x 48 in
The Soothing Lake
48 x 48 in
La Liaison France-Amerique
Diptych, 60 x 40 in in
The Moon's Kiss
Triptych, 36 x 54 in
48 x 60 in
Soaring Leaves
48 x 48 in
La Danseuse
60 x 36 in
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Stepping Into The Mind

              Flo’s abstract paintings invite you to step into the unconscious of your mind and become aware of your wildest dreams and pensive reflections. Each viewer can connect to the paintings in their own personal way, finding the meaning behind different elements and then piecing them together to understand the whole.

an abstract painting with hundreads of brush strokes representing a symphony is hanging ona light blue wall above a queen size bed

The beauty of abstraction is that a painting never stays the same, it moves in the beholder’s eye, revealing new messages each time you gaze at it. 

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ALL IMAGES © Flo de Bretagne

Flo de Bretagne Contemporary Art, 756 Garland Dr Palo Alto, CA 94303